Do I need an appointment?
No appointment is required. See our "in store process". Appointments make sense if time is critical to you. Appointments receive first service over people that walk in. If you have an appointment, that time is honored.

Why should I use the GOLD SHOP?
There are many reasons! We post the prices, per gram on a live price chart so you always know what we you will receive. Never do business with a buyer that does not post or quote their prices prior the transaction. We encourage you to use a local buyer such as ourselves at our store in Chesapeke, Va. where possible. We feel this is the best way to ensure that you receive the most money and fairest assessment of your gold and silver. We provide face to consultation in a private setting. We explain every step of the process of evaluating your items and we make you an immediate offer. We pay in cash or check at the close of the transaction. We are certified and bonded precious metals/gem dealer in the state of Virginia. See "WHY PICK US". and "ALERTS for more information on how to make a wise decision.
Do you have a location or agent in my area?
Maybe The only locations we have are in Chesapeake, Va and  Big T Jewelers in Manning, S.C. presently all other transaction are by mail.
I have a __ piece set of ______ sterling silver. How much is it worth?
The value is based on the silver content and weight. Since there is such a wide range of weights for forks, spoons, etc there is no way we can estimate a price without knowing the weight. If you do not have accurate scales use the post office to weigh it for you. Call or email us the information and we will give you an estimate. We are certified and bonded precious metals/gem dealer in the state of Virginia. See "WHY PICK US". and "ALERTS for more information on how to make a wise decision.
What about gemstones? Do you buy them? Do I need to remove them first? Are they worth anything?
Sadly, most stones have little resale value. Larger diamonds (over one carat) we buy and pay the highest prices. If you have a certificate, that makes it easier since GIA certificate provide a standard that we can use to provide you with a specific offer. In fact we will buy any GIA certificate stones larger than 1/4 quarter on a case by case bases. Call first to see if we are buying smaller diamonds. There are other certificates and we accept some on a case by case bases. Appraisals are useless as far as determining the value of your diamond since they grossly over state the value mostly for insurance purposes. However, if the appraisal is from a reputable jewelry store, their identification of the color, clarity, cut and size would be an excellent point to give you an approximate value over the phone. The price anyone will offer for them will be sure to disappoint you. That said... we do not pay for stones except for larger diamonds - larger than 1 carat. We estimate the weight of large stones and deduct that from the total weight of the piece to determine the price you will receive. You should remove the stones before you bring them in for sale if possible to get the most accurate weight and offer. In Virginia by law we can not modify your jewelry for 21 days while the police search their records for stolen goods. If you want, we will remove gems larger than 1/4 carat after the 21 days so long as it is agreed and documented on your SALES AGREEMENT prior ti signing the agreement.
Do you buy silver plated or gold plated items?
Unfortunately, plated items have such a small value that they have to be collected in large quanties to make it worth the processing fees, therefore we do not buy them.
How can I tell if my silver is sterling silver or silver plated?
Sterling is normally stampted "sterling" or "925". If it is not marked Contact Us
Do you buy ________ ?
Please read the What We Buy  to learn about what we can accept.
Do you buy Coins or sterling?
YES! And we pay MUCH more than our competitors and list various coins and sterling silver. (see "what we pay")

I am hesitant about sending off my gold or silver. I've heard horror stories about the "As Seen On TV" guys. How do I know you can be trusted?
First... we created this "MAIL SERVICE" modification to our company BECAUSE we saw how the public was being taken advantage of by disreputable Jewelers, Pawn Shops, Gold Party Operators, Hotel "Buying Event" sideshows and worst of all, many "mail in" "as seen on tv" scammers. We started by developing a live price chart so everyone could see what they would be paid. We operate primarily as a jewelry store in Chesapeake, Va. and Manning, S.C. specializing in buying gold, silver, platinum and diamonds; making and repairing jewelry and selling new (Manning only) and refurbished jewelry. We believe in face to face business and only offer mail option as a service to our customers. See "Alerts". Our parent Company is Big T Jewelry Store in Manning, S.C. and has been operating for over 45 years.

Second... We have been in business for over 45 years and have developed clients up and down the east coast to make sure we pay the best prices and provide the most trustworthy service. We are certified and bonded precious metals/gem dealer in the state of Virginia. See "WHY PICK US". and "ALERTS for more information on how to make a wise decision.

Third...we employ certified registered Mail Shipping via the USPS asking you to partner with us by paying for the initial shipping and we repay you after we buy your items. Call for details. Consider the difference between using the United States Post Office as opposed to Fedex or UPS. When companies used Fedex or UPS, they are in effect avoiding MAIL FRAUD laws because the items are not in the USPS mail stream. Since we utilize our nations postal service, any illegal activity would be a FEDERAL OFFENSE!

Finally... We send you an email with an offer as soon as your items are evaluated (within 48 hours of receipt). We DO NOT mail a check and start a timer, putting the burden on YOU to return the check within a number of days or have your gold or silver melted and lost forever. We do not do anything without your ok. If you are not thrilled with our offer, we return your items, insured, at no expense to you, so there is NEVER any risk.
Shipping is expensive. Do I need to pay for shipping?
Yes. Since mail is not our primary business, we ask that you to become our partner by paying for the initial mailing. We pay for all valuable items returned if you do not accept our offer.

Is it safe to ship my gold or silver? Is it insured?
Yes, we ask that you use USPS certified registered mail and insure it for whatever value you are comfortable with.  You should provide us with your tracking number as soon as you get it so we can schedule the arrival of your items. You should provide documentation of the items you shipped. We will verify the accuracy of the documentation upon receipt and confirm with you receipt.  Call 757-535-3177 or email and we will assist you with mailing details as well as recommended insured value.
Do you provide shipping boxes or packaging? Can I use any kind of box?
No. Since you are shipping via certified registered Priority Mail service, the post office will provide you with FREE shipping boxes or envelopes. Just stop by your nearest post office and select the best packaging to suit your needs.
I am located outside the US. Will you pay for shipping?
If you are outside the USA, we would be happy to buy your items, but you would need to ship and insure the items yourself. WE will not repay you for your shipping cost. You would also be responsible for shipping and insurance costs in the event you wanted your items returned.

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